How to spot a fake site that sells cheap Jordan shoes

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24 Dec, 2019

With the technology behind online stores, it has become increasingly easy to shop for your favourite shoes without stress. Unfortunately, it also has become effortless for swindlers to create fake websites to sell renowned brands, such as Jordans, for lower prices. cheap jordans,While you are looking out for counterfeit sites for cheap Jordan shoes, you do not have to do anything technical like checking for domain names or a Whois search. A fake website may have the following:


  1. Wrong or doubtful URL

You will expect a phoney webpage to use URLs like “designershoeswholesale” or “brand-name-shoes-outlet”. However, these fakers have gone past the traditional scummy URLs. Now, counterfeit websites use URLs that resemble the authentic, non-shopping related URLs. When you click on them, you then be redirected to another website (clearly a fake site).


  1. Poor Content

If you are going through a website for cheap Jordan shoes and you spot any mistake, it is a fake. Legitimate sites put extra efforts into ensuring that their websites have the best contents. The names, descriptions, instructions and listings in a valid site will always look professional. And, if the description on a product seems too “wordy” for the product, then the site is a fake. For example, a fake website might use “classy black and white Jordan sneaker footwear” for a pair of Jordan Trainer Pros.


  1. Stolen images

Fake websites cannot have anything original. Even the pictures uploaded are usually pictures taken off the internet. If you are a regular shopper, you should know when you had seen a Jordan product on a brand’s website before. Besides, if the pictures uploaded are not consistent, or they look like they had been cropped or zoomed out of an original, then it is a fake site. Many sites crop images out of celebrities’ clothing.


  1. No room for credit cards

When fake websites paste images of credit cards, they do it only to draw your attention. Swindlers don’t like payments via credit cards because the money can be traced back and returned to the customer if you don’t get your Jordans as you wanted. Beware of sites that use Moneygram and Western Union; these anonymous payment services can help scammers get away with your money.


  1. Unbelievable deals

If you are in a site and your mind tells you that the price of the Jordans is unbelievably low, then leave the site; it’s a fake. The website in question knows that you are out for cheap Jordan shoes. So, they’ll take advantage of your expectations and place low prices to get you in the deal.


  1. Free contact addresses

If a website uses a free Hotmail email address, it is a fake. And, if they drop a street address as their location, check through Google Maps to see if there is a business set up in that location. A fake website will also provide a contact form with no information.



  1. Payment or checkout page with no https

If a website provides you with any payment, shopping cart or checkout form with “http” and not “https”, leave the immediately; it is a fake. Pages without https are not secure, and then, anyone can hack your financial information.




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